What if you only had to work on ONE piece of content per week and it gave you enough micro content to post daily on all of the platforms?

Most small business owners understand the need for social media - but unfortunately...


🚫 They post with no consistency
🚫 They tell their story, not their customers'
🚫 They, as the C.E.O., still run their own social media
🚫 They put out content with zero strategy

And who’s to blame them? The influencers with 500k followers are sharing their secrets of how they got so big but the problem is Followers doesn’t equal Customers.

Thankfully for you, I’m not an influencer. 
 I’m a business owner, and I have a much more strategic way


The Step-By-Step Process Taking One Piece Of Content And Turning It Into Micro-Content For The Entire Week.

Take A Look Inside...

 Our exact board we use inside of our project management software. Don’t worry, you can still view it for free and create your own in your software of choice.

 A real example so you can see how one piece of content can turn into a week’s worth of posts on all the platforms.

 You can stop saying “I just don’t have the time.” With this strategy we’ve just given you back hours of wondering what to say.  

30 Compelling Headlines For Lives, Posts and/or Emails

Why waste all this time creating content if no one is ever watching, opening, or listening?The headline will make or break your engagement. We give you 30 different strategies so you can rinse and repeat them every month. Plus an example month to get you started!

Organic Traffic Speed Up System

If you don’t have a huge paid advertising budget but free organic traffic seems to be taking forever, we’ve got you covered. It's time for people to start finding out about you and your business. We’ll show you the best platforms to take advantage of to skyrocket your reach.

The 1 Day Batch

If you’ve been staring at your phone wondering what you should post today on social media, it’s time to make your life easier with our monthly questionnaire. Answer these 17 questions every single month to give you more than enough to work with.

Custom Photos
& Graphics Templates

No more using the free stock photos you see everyone else using online. It's time to uplevel your branding by creating unique graphics for your small business.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to hire an expensive photographer or graphic designer either. With a simple click of a button inside Canva, you can access editable templates and customize with your brand.

Going Live Framework
& Checklist

Yes, time to start taking full advantage of the fastest way to grow your brand and business. Don’t worry, with our strategic framing getting you qualified leads, you won’t be wasting your time or wondering what to say.

How To Find A Video Editor, Graphic Designer ...

and other virtual assistants that won’t break the bank. If you’re still doing your own social media, you will absolutely want this bonus. When you see how fast and low cost it is to take social media off your plate, you’ll be wishing you did it yesterday.  


Imagine wrapping up your one piece of content each week and never having to think about social media again. All while your followers and customers think you practically live online and are engaging and DM’ing for more information about your products, programs, and services. 

How would it feel to get back to the work you enjoyed before social media took over the world? Imagine waking up, looking at your calendar with some white space on it each morning, giving yourself all morning to think. Allowing you to create what’s next for you and your business.  

What will happen to your business when you can step back and work on projects that actually move the needle.

       What would your small business look like if you could…

  • Pre-schedule your daily posts on all platforms for 30 days at a time?
  • Create custom graphics and photos that started to look and feel like the high quality your products, programs, or services actually are?
  • Refocus your calendar on big projects that need your time and attention?
  • ​Stop wasting your money on expensive agencies that check the boxes and replaced them with someone who believes in your brand and business as much as you do?
  • ​Create content with a strategy behind it?

You can’t keep up. By the time you finally get on a 2nd or 3rd platform, the next best thing has been released and you’re wondering how you will ever keep up. You’re doing your best to post as often as possible but there’s just no consistency or plan, which means very little R.O.I.

Or maybe you’ve already taken this off your plate and hired a virtual assistant or an agency, but you’re still not seeing a return? 

You’re sick of looking at low engagement and don’t bother with analytics because deep down you know and are wondering, "Why am I doing all of this for nothing?"

But what you don’t know there Is a strategy that some of the most successful small business owners are Showing up Every day present (or at least look like it) without being glued to their phone or stuck working in the business and not on it. 

It’s time for you to take advantage of this strategy.

Megan Sumrell

“Just when I think I have my act together when it comes to systems and processes, I learn something even better!! This course blew my mind!!! I have what I thought was a good system in place to plan and repurpose content. But, it hasn’t been scaling well as I want to tackle more platforms. After taking this course, I am so excited!! This course lays out EXACTLY how to create one piece of content and leverage that on all the platforms…without killing yourself.  I can now say with 100% certainty that I will be able to scale easily without wasting valuable time.  This course is the exact roadmap I’ve been missing to really scale my visibility.”

Unlike other content systems and processes you may have seen, The Content Machine™ is strategy focused.
We are looking for customers not followers. 

It’s time you got a return on your time and daily input. 

No more wasting hours figuring out what to say or post and for what?
Let’s be honest it doesn’t really matter anyway because there wasn't plan or strategy behind it. 

Make your competitor wonder how you became a 
Content Machine™ overnight by…

Looking like you’re “everywhere” online

Creating daily posts and videos with 1 batch per week

A process that will generate leads 24/7

Tools to help you automate and systemize your strategy

…for only $47!

Tracey Cirino

"The Content Machine course is amazing! This course is jammed packed with so many valuable resources that each section is worth at least 5 times the cost of the whole course!I struggle with putting all my ideas into action so this course is the answer to my entrepreneurial dreams, thank you Stacy! I can not wait to share this information with my team so that we can start implementing the process right away."

Why Listen To Me?

I’m not just a business coach. I actually own a business. I know, rare! I’ve owned 2 performing arts academies for the last 18 years and still going. When I teach, I don’t teach theory. I teach proven methodologies that we use daily in our businesses. 

I’ve helped thousands of other small business owners use my strategies and save a ton of time and money. Not to mention get a huge R.O.I. on the backend. 

I’m not a special unicorn. I’m just an average girl from a small town in Wisconsin, and if I can learn this so can you.

Cyndi Blalock, DDS

"This.Is.It. The step by step system I've been waiting for! I've searched for a simple system to streamline my content for years and I've finally found it with Content Machine! In less than 2 hours I've got my entire content creation system together and I'm training my team now. This course gave me the traction to finally get serious about content creation, and can we just talk about the price? Only $47?!? This is seriously a no-brainer! Thank you for giving me a proven system that has already started working in my business! I feel like I can finally be in all the places all the time!"
Hi, I'm Stacy!
I’ve been running a business since I was 18 years old and I started giving dance lessons for free in my parent’s backyard (I won’t tell you how many years it’s been, but trust me - it’s been a while). I grew those free dance lessons into a multiple 7-figure local studio with two locations, before venturing into the online coaching world. 

When I was starting out, the internet wasn’t really a thing - at least not like it is today. So - I hustled old school and worked like crazy to ensure not a single ball was dropped. I worked hard and I worked A LOT.

Trust me. 

I was the girl answering the phone ON HER WEDDING DAY to make sure someone could register for a dance class. 

But not any more!

It took a while, but I eventually learned a better way. 

As internet marketing became a thing, and I grew as a leader, I was able to not only expand from one location to two, but I was able to step back from my brick and mortar business so it could run without me. (Okay - almost without me, I still play a role in the business, but it’s a growth focused role). 

I am passionate about helping small business owners (online and off) grow their business in a way that leverages smart strategies and systems, so they can enjoy whatever success looks like to them - without sacrificing their quality of life (or answering their business phone on their wedding day). 

I work hard, but have clear boundaries and teach my clients to do the same. 

If you are ready to take your business to the next level without losing your sanity and well-being in the process, you’re in the right place. 

Let’s get started!

Click the button below and it will take you to a checkout page where you can enter your payment information and get immediate access to The Content Machine™

Please note the price will be going up soon. This is a special introductory offer at $47
 If you come back to this page later and the price has gone up, unfortunately you will have to pay the significantly higher price tag. Don’t lose out on this opportunity

Judy Gilmore

"The Content Machine - what an amazing course! I currently do not have any team members yet, but getting to peek inside how Stacy’s business runs and how she organizes and plans content and work assignments offers a great baseline on how to set my business up for future hires. Stacy also goes over how to reuse a piece of content (for her a video) into a blog, snippets for social media stories, and posts for social media. So one piece created by you can be broken down by your team and used across different platforms for better conversions. You are also reminded of the importance of video as you go through the course. Stacy is the business coach I follow the closest due to her direct teaching style and gentle encouragement along the way. You can do this!"  


  • Do I have to create video content? No, you do not. We will ask that you find a main piece of content like blogging, podcasting, or live streaming and start there. However, trust me when I say video isn’t going anywhere. So if you're not doing video now, you'll have it when you're ready. 
  • Do I have to be on all the platforms? No, if you know your audience is not on Instagram, you can pick and choose what platforms to incorporate and still get so much value out of this training. It is easily transferable to other platforms.
  • What if I’m not tech savvy? Me either. I know tech can be extremely frustrating at times but as long as you can press play and pause, you will be fine. My team is here to support you gaining access to everything and here to help if there are any problems. Any software we recommend or free tools will all have their own support as well. You’ve got this!
  • What if I don’t have time to do the entire process? I get it, you're busy. No, you do not need to do the entire process to get results. In fact, we will teach you how to start with just a few steps and then how to quickly add when you are ready. You will come back to this program time and time again when you are ready to scale your content.
  • When will I get the product? Immediately. As soon as you click the button below you will be taken to the checkout page to put your payment information in and then an email will be sent to you with login details.
  • What if I buy and don’t think it’s worth $47? I can’t possibly imagine that happening when you see how much we’ve poured into this program. We could easily sell this for 10x what we are selling it today. However, I am so confident you will be blown away by it that I will offer a 30 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee. Not happy with it? We will reimburse your $47.

Stop working so hard on your content and get your content working for you today.

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